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 Product ch aracteristics:
1.Rechargeable and maintenance- free lead-acid battery with 1100mAH capacity high.
2.Long battery life,can be used circularly 250times above.
3.Use one energy- saving,high power and long Ilife 2w led bulb.

4.Use special reflector lamps,light more focusand more brighter. 

Product I nstructions:
1.When charging, insert the AC charger directlyinto the AC 220V/50 HZ power socket, therelevant indicator bright,it takes about 10 hoursfor full charge.
2. When using, push the key forward, the middlefile is the side light function, and the front fileis the flashlight lighting. When the lighting isstopped, the key will be pushed backwards.*when full charge,the weaklight can workabout 13hours, the strong light can workabout8hours.
3.For service life of the battery, please stopusing and charge it promptly when the ray ofthe light is becoming dim obviously. (Pleasedo not charge it when it is totally dim or itwould easily damage the battery.)
4.When it is not used for a long time please
5.charge it every two months and charge itover 4 hours or it would decrease the service Ilife of the battery.

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