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Product characteristics :
1.Built-in rechargeable and free maintenance environmental lithium battery, with 6000mAh battery capacity high, can be charged circularly 500 times above.
2.The head light source adopts 50w white,import green environ mental, high bright LED. The service life of battery can more than 100000 hours, low consumption. The strong light can work at least 8 hours, the weak light can work at least 20 hours, the flashing light can work at least 18 hours.
3.The head light use aluminum electronic high efficiency condenser cup, rang can reach 3000 meters.
4.There are two lighting function: weak light and strong light .It can work better according to the different environment.

5.This product have 1DC input which can be input by charger.

6.This product have power bank function.

Direction for use:
1.When charging, insert the charger into the AC 110-220V/50-60 Hz power socket, then insert the charger DC into product DC input socket. The corresponding indicator turns red light. When the red light turns into green light, it means full charge and it takes about 10 hours to full charge.
2.When use the front light, press the front switch, the first gear is waking light, the second gear is strong light, the third light is lighting off, follow by recycling.
3.When use the USB output to charge, insert the USB port line into the product  USB port, then open the searchlight electric switch, the USB port begin to charge.

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