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  Product Features:
·Built-in rechargeable and maintenance-free Lead Acid battery, capacity reach up to 900mAh.
·Super long life battery, up to 500 times circle use for charge and discharge.
·With a energy saving, high power and long life 1 Watt LED Light and 2 Watt LED Sidelight.
·Use special reflector cup,  Luminous range is longer, the light is more concentrated and brighter than normal  flashlight.
·When charged, push AC plug out,insert into outlet of AC 85V/ 240V directly. Charging indicator light is red when charged. Fully charging time is 8 hours. 
·When using, push forward the switch, the first push is for weak light, the second push is for strong light. To turn off light, push the switch back to original place. With full power, flashlight can provide 6 hours for weak light and 4 hours for strong light. 
·When the brightness of LED lamp is dim, the battery is in the state of completely discharge. To protect the battery, please stop using and charge it timely. ( If not charged until LED lamp is dark,it cause damage and failure to battery easily).
·Flashlight should be charged and used  regularly. Please do not put it aside. If not used constantly, please charge it for about 4 hours every 2 months. Otherwise,  it will reduce battery life.
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