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·Name:LED 鋰電池迷你手電筒

一. Product Features:
1. This product has a built-in lithium battery with a rated capacity of up to 600mAh.
2. Ultra long life battery, up to 500 cycles or more.
3. Battery charging design, automatically turn off the charging and fully protect the battery after fully charged.
4. Use 1 1W high brightness long life LED light.

5. Use special aluminum reflector cup, which is farther than ordinary flashlight, with more concentrated light and stronger brightness.

二. Instructions for use:
1. When charging, first connect the output end of the power adapter (mobile phone charger) to the USB terminal of the standard charging cable. Insert the DC end of the charging cable into the DC charging port of the product, and then plug the power adapter into the AC110-220V/50. On the -60HZ socket, the charging indicator lights up red to indicate that charging is started; when the charging indicator turns green, the battery is fully charged. It usually takes more than 8 hours to fully charge the battery.
2. When using, push the key in the forward direction. The first gear is low-light illumination, the second gear is strong light illumination, and the stop lighting will push the key backwards and then cycle.
3. Fully charged, the low light mode can be used continuously for about 8 hours. The glare mode can be used continuously for about 5 hours.
4. During the use process, when the brightness of the LED lamp bead is dim, the battery tends to be completely discharged. At this time, to protect the battery, it should be stopped and must be charged in time (it should not be charged when the LED lamp bead is not light, otherwise the battery Extremely vulnerable to failure).
5. The flashlight should be charged frequently, please do not put it on hold.
1. Charging power supply and socket installation should comply with safety regulations.
2. Do not use the product while it is charging, so as not to burn out the LED lamp bead or the internal charging part of the power supply.
3. Do not direct the eyes to the eyes to avoid affecting your vision. (Children should be used under the guidance of adults)
4. Do not let this product rain or damp.
5. Keep away from inflammable and explosive materials when charging. Do not charge for more than 18 hours. (Recommended charging during the day)
If it is not used frequently, please replenish it for more than 4 hours every two months, otherwise it will reduce battery life.

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