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Product parameters:

Product model: MZX-891
Rated voltage: 110V-220V
Rated frequency: 50-60Hz
Rated power: 4W
Rated current: 300mA

Product characteristics:

1. Using the latest power supply circuit, the product can be directly used with 110-220V/50-60Hz AC power supply, which
    is convenient to use.
2. Using a new type of material as a light-transmitting lens, the light transmission efficiency is high, the effect is good, and it 
    is helpful for vision protection.
3. Ultra long life, ultra high brightness LED lights.
4. The third gear is warm and cold with adjustable color temperature.

Instructions for use:

1. Insert the voltage plug into the 110-220V/50-60Hz socket to start working.
2.When using, press the switch key hard, the desk lamp turns on the first white light mode, press the switch key to switch to
    the second warm light mode, and then press the open key to turn on the third white light + warm light mode, and then cycle 
    Press the power button firmly to turn off the power. 


1.Charging power supply and socket installation should comply with safety regulations.
2.Do not direct the lamp to the eye to avoid affecting your vision. (Children should be used under the guidance of adults).
3.When not in use for a long time, please unplug the power supply and place the product in a place where it is not easily 
   exposed to moisture, exposure and rain to increase the service life of the product.

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